Koto 8 Energy Efficient IBS Building System
General Conditions

This Low Dead Load Weight system can be mounted on traditional raft slabs, strip footings, screw piles, concrete piles, or preferably Koto K-Pod raft foundation particularly where bad soil conditions occur.

The standard Koto 8 system has high impact resistance and excellent security as it has multiple options.

150mm and 200mm wide forms are considered Standard Forms that suit practically any application, however, any size form can be manufactured in our facilities to suit the most adverse requirements or conditions, albeit it be freezing, severe high temperatures, or cyclonic wind-speeds.

These insulated permanent forms have pre-moulded core holes and bond-beams ready for easy placement of reinforcing steel and concrete to connect the thickened ground edge-beam via the engineered multiple columns to the top bond-beam, herein providing a diaphragm shear wall system.

The structural engineer will determine the number of core hole forms that will require R.C. filling including the grade of steel and concrete.

Core holes can quickly be changed to create vertical beams if ever required simply by removing the insert between the core holes. Two vertical bars can now be added with stirrups herein creating a fast vertical beam.

All other core holes left open are ideal for inserting computer cables, electrical, plumbing and air-conditioner pipes.

The same forms are used on low cost housing and up-market housing as it is only the finish that distinguishes the final product (as per the architects/owners specification).

Koto has designed the system as such that no fixings are required (where a builder may neglect/forget to install fixings correctly), adding to the speed of construction with quality and performance.

The Koto 8 K-Block Forms arrive on site complete with a permanent bonded, smooth composite reinforced finish that takes very little top-coat finishing to suit the architects vision and specification. The fibre strands set into the composite have a breaking strain of 540 kn per weft strand and the stands are both horizontal and vertical at 4.5 mm apart, providing a secondary impact reinforcement.

Where a rendered appearance with paint is specified, we recommend using a membrane paint to the exterior, so that the building will be maintenance-free for decades to come.

Tiles, granite or marble can be applied directly to the substrate as it is straight and accurate.


Special Conditions

For example in war zones, Koto 8 walling can be made bullet proof, and furthermore designed to prohibit trucks from purposely trying to ram inside of homes by force, as the engineering options are quite remarkable.

In another example, such as severe high cyclonic conditions, the right selection of K-Blocks are made and then engineered to suit the code and beyond.

Additional insulation (if required) can be factory made and fitted to suit any environs.

Curved and unusual elements are computer generated but are generally laid up by hand. Detailing can be provided at an additional cost, however, all contractors who use the Koto system say that due to the design and ease of installation, they prefer to make minor site adjustments themselves if required.

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