Koto Overview
Standard Energy Efficient IBS Building System

For residential and commercial applications, or large volume mass housing.

Koto 8 is a fully Industrialised Building System (IBS)

With a score of 9 out of 10 for its IBS industry assessment (source CIDB).

The Koto system has a CIDB Certified G7 Qualification

All components are manufactured in a controlled environment and when assembled on site have the same appearance as a concrete building.


Phase 1:   Koto 8

The current Iris Koto package has proved extraordinary successful in reversing poverty in our program to address poverty. The poor have returned to normal lives with dignity on every Iris Koto project, where they are set to become the next generation of entrepreneurs wherever the Koto 8 Building System, Food Security and Job Creation package is used. This is a Global First completed on a large scale and the results speak for themselves.

The Koto 8 energy efficient IBS building system can also be used in practically any other construction projects globally, not only for a Solution to the Global Housing Crisis, but for Everyday Construction of comfortable energy efficient homes.

Essentially, the standard Koto 8 system is a series of light-weight, insulated permanent composite forms that remain permanently in-situ after installation, albeit walls, floors or roofs. More about the Koto 8 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING description can be found here.

Phase 2:   Koto 7 Series

This new material science developed by the Koto Inventor in 2004 will produce 100% sustainable construction materials from totally renewable resources at high-speed, and predicted to be the best ever genuine green construction game changer, leaving something tangible for generations to come and the First Real Global Solution to address a better environment where Co2 is captured in every sequence, compared to any commercial building products on the market today. The Koto 7 series of building systems (four in total) will be released late 2012.


Understanding Koto's Number System

Koto has identified its energy efficient building systems since 1974 by using numerical values, much like computer software version updates. I.e. Koto 1,2,3,4,5,6 (improvements over 38 years of continuous research) and the latest version - Koto 8 virtually supersedes all previous historic system improvements with the odd exception where a mix and match is required for special applications.

Note that the Koto 7 series is currently missing in the numerical history because this series is identified in the section Sustainable Building systems from renewable resources.


Basic Rule of Thumb
Single Storey Residential Homes

Generally use the standard Koto K-Block 150mm wide series walling system.

The roof can be either the insulated Koto roof or typical Gable end.

Single Storey House
Double and Triple Storey Residential Homes

Generally use the Koto K-Block 200mm wide series for walling system.

The roof can be either the insulated Koto roof (picture right) or standard gable end roofing.


Picture right: Koto Eco Resort

Double Storey House
Triple Storey Eco Resort
Up to Four storey in Zone 3 earthquake and 60-70 m/s wind-speeds

Generally use the 200 series Koto 8 system with a continuous lintel at window level. Core-holes will be modified to suit condition and engineering.

Up to 4 storey high
Five Level Walk-Ups

Will use the 200 series Koto 8 as a diaphragm, shear wall, vertical beam, or column and beam combination. Core-holes will be modified to suit the condition.

5 Level Walk-up Buildings
Six to Sixty Level Buildings

Will use the 200 series Koto 8 as an infill panel between column and beam structure.

In this event, huge savings will be gained by re-engineering the foundations, pile caps, columns and beams etc. because of the low dead-load weight.

6 to 60 Level Buildings


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