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This page will cover events, notices, news, nutrition, holistic healing and natural medicines, and the new Koto devices coming up such as electricity for remote villages, clean water for free, SRI 2 farming updates.

CIDB Malaysia

Despite inclement weather and discussion periods, both male and female staff completed a building in just 3 days.

Borneo Schools

Remote Borneo Schools

In the remotest parts of Borneo, 26 Schools complete with ablution blocks and teachers housing, under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Siaw were completed in 4 months using the Koto I.B.S. energy efficient building system.

Materials were delivered by river boat, helicopter lifts and over rugged landscapes, where workers often had to back-pack through the jungle to reach the construction sites. The schools were under the federal government initiative to bring education to remote villages. They were completed in record times and the insulated Koto concrete forms provide a cool study environment for the children.

Kuala Lipis

The compassionate Rimbunan Kaseh 40 hectare housing and scientific farming package designed by IRIS Corporation Berhad includes:

Koto building system was used to install 104 homes, club house, prayer areas, storage facilities, training centres, cold rooms, drainage, roads, fish farms, and chicken farms etc. in just 4 months.

Modern Two Storey Homes for Young Working Couples

Two Storey Homes

The Koto 8 energy efficient I.B.S. building system was chosen for this beautifully presented, fully insulated, spacious 3,000 sq ft, (300 m2) two storey home, designed by architect Gary Wong. Nice modern lines with excellent light and extraordinary cool comfort living for young working couples for under RM 300k.

Three Level Chalets, Langkawi

Langkawi Chalets Eco Resorts

These beautifully appointed chalets are set on the mountainside surrounded by an abundance of trees, shrubs and wild life. This special client has a passion for nature and environment and has called for stringent protection of the beautiful landscape. The Koto building system was chosen due to its very low impact footprint on the environment.

Amazing High Yield Bird Houses

Contractors of bird houses have found that they can complete 70 x 24 x 3 storey bird houses in just three weeks with the Koto system, even in remote locations. Birds begin to nest within the first week due to the comfortable environment.

African Exports

Koto 8 building systems from the IRIS Koto manufacturing facilities in West Malaysia are shipping homes to African Nations as a solution to the housing crisis and fabricating Koto processing lines for African countries.

IRIS Koto Malaysia Manufacturing Facilities

New plants in Kota Kinabalu Sabah and Kuching Sarawak are currently being installed to service customers and contractors with the energy efficient Koto 8 building system.

Philippines and Indonesia

Master architect Mr. Hans Bohlmann has just completed drawings for elegant, well designed 4 level low cost houses that will bring dignity to displaced occupants.

Despite the Koto 8 system being used for upmarket and commercial properties, the system can also be applied for low cost housing as the only difference is the finish, because the methodology is the same. - Mr. Bohlmann

Mr. Bohlmann has designed the Koto systems for regular buildings that comply to code, earthquake and cyclonic conditions since 1991.

Papua New Guinea

Koto is manufacturing new processing lines for installation in Papua New Guinea followed by a number of housing developments and other projects.

Koto to Supply Housing for Palm Oil Plantations

A significant number of homes are ready to begin construction for Palm Oil Plantations. The Koto energy efficient I.B.S. building system herein will lift the quality of residences for palm oil employees. Completion schedules will be fast considering the historic delivery and completion of housing and schools in remote locations.

Foong Design Malaysia

Foong Designs

Architect Foong designs quality comfortable Koto Link-Homes all in modules to eliminate any waste.

4 Star Resorts for Palau

Palau is famous for its diving and will soon deploy elegant 4 level x 4 star resort buildings and floating homes on the islands to cater for their increase in diving tourism.

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