Eliminate Poverty Package Through HOUSING - FOOD SECURITY - JOB CREATION
Understanding Koto Technology for Humanity ...


We have proven and demonstrated, that by a Change in Thinking one can reverse poverty and still create profit while caring for the environment. By a Change in Thinking we can give dignity back to the less fortunate. The Koto Humanitarian System is free from bias and does not go against nature or religion. In fact, Koto contributes to a strategic preservation of nature and is being deployed in rural regions to Make a Difference.

The holistic Koto humanitarian system addresses not just one, but three urgent needs simultaneously:


This is the smartest investment for a country to talk about in their Progress of Well-Being.

This is the smartest investment to generate a genuine profit while greening and caring for the environment, rather than a ruthless and selfish profit-addiction.

Up until now the commercial Koto energy efficient building system has been used, due mainly to its ability to produce vast numbers of permanent comfortable homes quickly. However, in the near future the Koto 7 science of converting agriculture waste from the Food Security Farms into housing will become cyclic and self-generating. The methodology we deploy can harvest an abundance of materials from renewable resources, making this 100% sustainable.

In Phase 2 we will see the integration of vertical agriculture food towers requiring minimum water, no pesticides or harmful fertilisers that degenerate health and well-being.

In the monetary system we know today, the health care is designed for the sick and dying and is also about profit. In the package above, by growing high-quality food for future climate change, many of our current health issues can be avoided.

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Housing in remote parts of Borneo


Schools in remote areas


Rural housing


The Inventor's amazing Koto 7 Green technology is made from renewable resources for 100% sustainability, much like the crops below. These form the building blocks of the future for domestic, commercial and high-rise construction - all which can be built using Koto 7 Green building products.

Building products from renewable sources




Rimbunan Kaseh modern integrated farm

An agricultural system designed to provide food for the working families.




Rimbunan Kaseh modern integrated farm

Employment opportunities in farming.

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