Remote Schools A Borneo project


Many rural places have no roads or amenities and yet, due to the good will of the Malaysian government and their desire to help their people, combined with the IRIS Koto team to bring education and housing to the displaced students and teachers.

Koto buildings in the middle of dense jungles of Borneo are Making a Difference.

The old school had no fans, no power points, had buckled timber floors, water leaks, no insulation and no partition walls. They will be replaced with a Koto insulated school with:

  • full ceramic tiled floors
  • ablution blocks
  • electricity
  • fans
  • insulated walls and roof
  • shaded external areas
  • quality finishes
  • full wall height partitions between classes
  • teachers quarters with all amenities

Workers also air lifted whole completely insulated, comfortable, fully tiled schools in record times with the appearance of standard concrete finished buildings.

Despite the difficulties of no roads and heavy rainfall, Iris Koto constructions completed delivery of Koto materials by boat and helicopter. They have shaped another world for these children and we thank the government body of JKR for their understanding of the Koto system and its ability to make a Change in the Thinking for a better world.

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