Koto 7 series Building Systems (to be released late 2012)
Renewable resources to Koto homes
Manufactured from Bio-mass Renewable Resources for 100% Sustainability.


Koto is now dispersing developers fears of supply continuity by not only providing 100% green construction product from 100% renewable resources, but for 100% sustainability - without pollution, without fear, without destroying landscapes, without damage to our waterways and wild life sanctuaries, without the need for fossil fuel degradation. 100% Sustainability ... Our children's future will depend upon it

Some of the Koto 7.0 series building systems from renewable resources do not require timber, aluminium, steel, concrete or any other commercial products for construction. It is a totally stand-alone scientific material with amazing 100% green properties.

The added advantages of using Koto systems are:-

  • superior fire-proofing resistance without the use of man-made toxic chemicals,
  • continuity of supply chain,
  • dynamically fast and easy installation compared to any other commercial product,
  • termite resistance,
  • various densities,
  • various thermal insulation,
  • various engineering, and
  • a set of systems that give flexible options (Koto 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 range of building systems).
KOTO 7.0

Homes, schools, resorts, remote buildings; all without the need for steel and concrete.

KOTO 7.1

Fire-proof walls and floors for high-rise buildings. Super fast installation. Easy provisions for services.

KOTO 7.2

A hybrid building system between column and beam and the new Koto Renewable Resource Material.

KOTO 7.3

Under trial where the new Koto material science will provide off-the-grid electricity from the external walls.


When the Koto 7 series of exciting green building systems are fully released, we shall update this space with information on the new choices of speedy quality construction and its specifications.

In the mean-time, the Koto 8 system is greener than any other commercial system, has no issues with continuity of supply, provides a high energy efficient index, is cost competitive, multi-purpose, has flexible engineering, high-speed installation, and competes with any conventional methodology and material for everyday project use.


The Game Changer

What sets Koto apart from the rest is, that we at Koto do not just “Talk About” green, sustainability, and the idea of renewable resources, when we all know that:

  • Corporations will continue ravaging the very limestone/sandstone that absorbs Co2, burning and excavating trees and shrubs, unconsciousnessly overburdening and often damaging the fragile eco systems, using extreme heat / energy from the grid to burn clinker,
  • continue to pour concrete in our densely populated cities so that extreme heat stored in concrete radiates into the atmosphere, and
  • brick industries still removing important clay from our fragile environment, burning trees as fuel, wasting water and additional heat.


  • Steel corporations mine mountain ranges at any cost for iron ore,
  • use extreme heat / energy from the grid to smelter steel,
  • the overburdened soil gets washed into our eco systems, or
  • destroy our forest trees until there is nothing left for the next generation including oxygen degeneration.

There HAS to be a better way for industries to collaborate for our planet, as who wants to be responsible for destroying it until there is nothing left?


Agriculture.   With wild weather changes most countries are experiencing today, agriculture should be the most important topic of discussion if we wish to see food on the supermarket shelves for the masses to survive in future climate change. However, governments in countries like Australia are culling farmers off in favour of supporting destructive, genetically modified food that alter our DNA. Many people are making vast funds by ignoring the urgency to grow their own agriculture for absolute “Food Security”.

Most people think agriculture is just about food. If it appears that we have sufficient food no matter where it comes from, or in what condition, then all must be ok ... but is it? Food should be high on the agenda of global collaboration as most people see food patents as fraudulent.

At Koto, when we look at Waste agriculture - We see Solutions.

Our vision is likened to an experienced artistic sculpture - when viewing a rock we see a face, whereas most only see the rock. At Koto, we see agricutural waste:

  • as building material to provide excellent permanent shelter for housing the masses,
  • complying to meet any building code,
  • as a fire-proof, sound-proof easy to work with, environmentally safe product that comes in any shape, size or description for our future housing needs.

Why? Because we developed agricultural waste into a real building solution for:-

The Environment   •   The Planet   •   The People

A totally 100% sustainable renewable resource solution where agriculture and waste has a new meaningful term, and it is called Koto 7.

Koto 7 homes can be designed without the use of concrete, steel and timber, resist termites and weathering, and comes with embedded insulation.

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